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I'd whisper love in every land I'm a very curious little kitten. :3 I've watched too many Disney movies, and expect to get my own happily ever after with a Prince Charming and the whole package (hehe, package). My friends mean the world to me. I'm fragile. Don't break me. I might punch you in the vagina. You've been warned. I have a passion for mythology. Particularly Greek. I also love (and semi-know) other languages, like Japanese. I'm sort of artsy. I can draw relatively well, and dabble in painting. I'm also constantly singing, and occasionally try to dance. ...and obviously, I act. It's likely I'll borrow your clothes. So you know, be prepared for that. Car time = music time. Don't expect much time for talking when riding in my car, there'll be too much singing going on. I use the words 'dude' and 'bru' a lot. Why? Because I'm a hip kid. I like mermaids. Music boxes make my heart swish. I use similes that don't really make sense. Example: It's snowing like a hooker outside. I'm a complete hopeless romantic. Give me all that cheesy mushy lovey-dovey shit and I'm a puddle. I'm also reeeaally shy until you get to know me. I can't really help it. I am the master of making le grilled cheese. I'm a planeteer. You can be one too. ♥
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